Live demo

Joining as a Moderator with the BlueJeans App.


Video Tutorial Summary

  • This video provides an overview for the Moderator

  • Review of the BlueJeans app Calendar dashboard. Options to start your personal meeting, schedule a new meeting, or join another person's meeting

  • Joining a meeting from your BlueJeans account, landing in the "haircheck" screen:

    • Adjusting your microphone and camera settings

    • Review option to come into the meeting in screen share-only mode, or from a room system

  • Invite additional participants by sending them the meeting's URL

  • Review of in-meeting features:

    • Chat with the group, or individuals (one-on-one)

    • View participants roster. See who is talking

    • Share content (or uploaded videos)

    • Switch the audio to your phone

  • Using the Moderator controls to:

    • Turn participant audio and video on and off to optimize audio quality (eliminate echo)

    • Record the meeting

    • Exit the meeting, with options to leave meeting running for the remaining participants