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Voicea Integration With BlueJeans

Last Updated: January 29, 2019 // 10:15 AM

Who is Voicea and what is Eva?
Eva is your intelligent meeting assistant. Eva participates in your meeting, takes notes and identifies action items & decisions in your meetings to improve your productivity. Here's an overview video.

What is BlueJeans relationship with Voicea?
Voicea is an integration partner of BlueJeans. Voicea has leveraged BlueJeans APIs to create a way to directly log into Voicea with your BlueJeans account info.

Is Eva available with BlueJeans now?
Yes, Voicea's Eva is in "Open Beta" now at no cost to the user. As part of the open beta, Voicea has made available it's integration with BlueJeans at no cost! Their intention is to GA their solution in April.

Voicea's website indicates that they work with Zoom, GoToMeeting, Skype, etc. so what's different with BlueJeans?
Technically, Eva can be invited to any audio or video meeting. However, with BlueJeans, Voicea leveraged our APIs to create a "direct login" with your BlueJeans credentials. This is unique to BlueJeans!

In addition, Voicea leverages BlueJeans with Dolby Voice to create full meeting transcriptions that are searchable by keyword and via word cloud.

How do I set up Voicea/Eva?
Please reference this integration guide.

How do I use Eva?

  • Simply invite Eva to your meeting as you would any other email -
  • And, check out this video for how to use Eva before your meeting.

During meeting

  • Eva is always listening and highlights are being captured. However, you can interact with Eva via simple voice queues, for example, "OK Eva....".
  • Or, you can initiate a Eva capturing a highlight by way of the Voicea portal and using their "highlight" functions.

  • And, check out this video for how to use Eva during your meeting.

Post meeting

  • You will receive an email from Eva indicating that your meeting has been processed, at which time you can go to the Voicea portal and view the highlights, action items, word cloud and recording of the meeting.
  • And, check out this video for how to use Eva after your meeting.
  • More details on how to use Eva are available here in this tutorial.

How do I know Eva is in my meeting?

  • If you invite Eva to your meeting you, and all attendees, will receive an email from Eva in advance of the meeting explaining what you can do with Eva in the meeting.
  • Once the meeting starts, Eva will join (as a voice only attendee) and introduce herself.
  • Note: It is recommended that you test Eva in some user-friendly meetings first to get the hang of it.

Who can invite Eva to a meeting?
Anyone with a Voicea account can invite Eva to a meeting, even non-moderators.

How accurate is Eva with transcriptions?
As with any transcription service there are multiple factors which impact accuracy, including, accents, the quality of the audio received, how many participants are in the meeting speaking at once/over top of one another, etc.

General industry standards for a machine-based transcription are approximately 60-70% accurate. Voicea, however, uses multiple engines to increase the accuracy though it will not be perfect.

Typically, a live person transcribing the meeting is necessary for extremely accurate transcriptions, though this is still not 100%.

Can Eva be integrated with Outlook or Google Calendar?
Yes, it can. Once integrated Eva will autojoin all of your meetings. If you would like Eva to NOT attend you'll need to uninvite her once this integration is made.
To turn on the integration, go to your Voicea portal, click on your account (upper right), click on "integrations", click on the "gear" icon to the right and follow the steps.

Is BlueJeans selling/reselling Voicea?
No. Customers will acquire Eva directly from Voicea.

How much is the Voicea service?
Today, the service has no cost as it's in open beta. Voicea will have multiple levels of tiered pricing based on per user, per month. Pricing specifics, once the open beta is complete, will be provided by Voicea directly.

Where can I find other information about BlueJeans and Voicea?
Other resources: Voicea Integrations - Webpage

How do we introduce our customer to Voicea?
For general inquiries, please have your customer go to:

To coordinate sales activities with Voicea, please email Shadi Baqleh and he'll make the appropriate introductions.