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Unblocking Facebook Live and Workplace on Google Chrome

Last Updated: February 8, 2018 // 3:40 PM

When using Google Chrome to join your BlueJeans Meeting or Event, the browser will likely block the pop-up that is used to broadcast to Facebook Live or Workplace. Allowing the pop-up in the URL Bar will allow the broadcast to reach Facebook, but the setting can be forgotten. Please follow the steps below to permanently allow the pop-up:

  1. Open Google Chrome and type the following in your URL Bar: chrome://settings/
  2. Hit Enter and click on 'Show advanced options"
  3. Under Privacy Settings, click on 'Content Settings...'
  4. Scroll down to Pop-ups and click 'Manage Exceptions'.
  5. Add and set the behavior to 'Allow.
  6. Click Done and you're good to go!