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BlueJeans Technical Specifications

Last Updated: August 6, 2018 // 10:45 AM

Video Codecs and Resolutions

  • BlueJeans App/Rooms: VP8 up to 720p HD and content up to 1080p
  • BlueJeans Mobile App: VP8 up to 360p (for Mobile device) or up to 720p (for iPad or Tablets, depending on Processor & Camera capability)
  • Chrome WebRTC: VP8 up to 720p HD and content up to 1080p
  • Room System (SIP/ H323): H.263 up to 4CIF, H.264 up to 720p HD, H.264HP up to 720p HD
  • Microsoft SFB/ Lync: H.263 up to 4CIF, RTVIDEO (Lync2010, Lync2011 Mac client) or H.264UC (Lync 2013 & above) up to 720p HD and RDP for Content sharing
  • Telepresence: H.263 up to 4CIF, H.264 up to 720p HD

Audio Codecs

  • BlueJeans App/Rooms: Opus 16Khz or DVC-2 (when Dolby-enabled)
  • BlueJeans Mobile App: Opus 16Khz
  • Chrome WebRTC: Opus 16Khz
  • Room System (SIP/ H323): G.711 (μ-law, A-Law), G.722, G.722.1, Opus 16Khz
  • Microsoft SFB/ Lync: G.711 (μ-law, A-Law), G.722, G.722.1, 24K
  • PSTN Audio: G.711 (μ-law)
  • Telepresence: G.722

Encryption Methods Supported by Blue Jeans

  • BlueJeans App/Rooms: AES-128 (SRTP), TLS Authentication
  • Chrome WebRTC: AES-128 (SRTP), TLS Authentication
  • Room System (SIP/ H323): H.235 v3, AES-128, TLS
  • Microsoft SFB/ Lync: AES-128 (SRTP), TLS
  • Telepresence: H.235 v3, AES-128, TLS