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BlueJeans Gateway for Microsoft Teams

Last Updated: January 23, 2019 // 2:40 PM

Already enabled with the BlueJeans Gateway? Download our Admin Guide below to Get Started!


The BlueJeans Gateway solution for Microsoft Teams enables interoperability with H.323 and SIP-based room systems. Users will be able to easily access Microsoft Teams from any boardroom, conference room, or huddle space using the existing equipment, regardless of room system hardware.



BlueJeans Gateway for Microsoft Teams FAQ

Q: What actions are required from our O365 Tenant to enable BlueJeans Gateway capabilities?

Included below is a high-level overview of the integration process.

  1. An O365 Tenant Admin from your organization provides the Office 365 Tenant ID to BlueJeans.
  2. An O365 Tenant Admin opens and accepts the Microsoft Consent Form for the BlueJeans Gateway.
  3. An O365 Tenant Admin runs several PowerShell commands (see the above Admin Guide for instructions) to enable the integration.


Q: What PowerShell commands are required to be executed?

The exact commands will be unique for each customer and the details used to fill in the template commands available in the Admin Guide. In general, the commands used will set up a new Service Provider and establish the parameters of the service policy (specific users or tenant-wide). Per Microsoft, these commands can take up to six hours to reflect within your tenant environment.


Q: Does the Gateway integration require any DNS configuration to allow connection to the Azure Traffic Manager?

No DNS configuration is required on your side for this integration.


Q: Are there any specific firmware versions for Cisco, Lifesize, Polycom, etc. that BlueJeans recommends with the Gateway?

No specific endpoint software is required, although BlueJeans recommends always using the most up-to-date software available for your equipment. All of the support and interoperability that is available for the BlueJeans Enterprise Cloud is available for the Gateway.


Q: Does the Gateway support full Video-Based Screen Sharing (VBSS)?

The Gateway does support full VBSS for content share. Once the Gateway has brought the endpoint into the Teams call it acts as a normal endpoint. This means that all of the media transportation is done using the Teams' codec.


Q: What Ports need to be opened for the Gateway?

Included below is an overview of the Ports that need to be opened against the following IP Addresses:,,,,,,,, and

  • H.323 Room System
    • Outbound TCP Port 1720 | H.255 Signaling for H.323
    • Outbound TCP Ports 5000 - 5999 | H.245 Call Control for H.323
    • Outbound UDP Ports 5000 - 5999 | RTP Media
  • SIP Room System
    • Outbound TCP Port 5060 | SIP Signaling
    • Outbound TCP Port 5061 | SIP (TLS) Signaling
    • Outbound UDP Ports 5000 - 5999 | RTP Media