Live demo

Use * key to access the BlueJeans Control Menu

Last Updated: January 26, 2017 // 7:23 AM

Need to mute your audio or video, or change layouts, and don't have access to the BlueJeans Meeting Room web interface? You can access the BlueJeans meeting control menu by pressing the star/asterisk (*) key:

  • From a Room System, use the keys on your remote control.
  • From a Telephone, just use the phone's "DTMF" key pad (only options 4 and 8 are available from a phone)
  • From Lync and Cisco Jabber, press the corresponding digits after clicking in the main window of the conference.
  • This option is not available when using the BlueJeans App or Chrome WebRTC.

A blue menu panel will appear, letting you:

  1. Switch layouts (to either Active Speaker, Active Presence, or Constant Presence)
  2. Switch menu language to German, Spanish, French (or back to English). Repeating this selection will cycle through the available language options
  3. Bring up meeting information
  4. Mute the Audio at your endpoint
  5. Mute the Video at your endpoint
  6. Hide the Overlay graphics (the BJN logo in upper right hand corner, and the name/icon bar at bottom of each participant)
  7. Add your own endpoint video to be seen by you, in the BJN meeting panel
  8. Mute all participants in the meeting, except yourself (you must be joined as the moderator)