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Screen Sharing on the Desktop App 2.x

Last Updated: July 27, 2018 // 3:23 PM

To share your screen with BlueJeans App 2.x:

  1. Click the screen share icon at the top, middle section of the menu (hover your cursor at top of window if not visible)
  2. To share your entire screen (recommended) click the top bar
  3. To only share a specific, open application, click on the selection in the bottom section. The other meeting participants will only see that app. In the example below, participants would only see your Google Chrome window. If you were to expose an excel spreadsheet, it would be covered in gray, not visible to others.


An icon will be shown in the People roster to indicate who is sharing their screen (feature added June 15):



Joining a meeting from your laptop in a conference room that’s already connected to the same meeting? Click the three-dot “more” icon and select “Join with Screen Share Only.”  Your audio and video will be suppressed to prevent a “howling” audio feedback.  In the Screen Share Only mode, you will only be able to share your screen or view content shared by other participants.


You can also switch to the Screen Share Only mode after you have clicked to join the meeting by clicking the ”Join with Screen Share Only” link at the bottom of the screen. (Note that this option will only be available briefly before the meeting launches).