Scheduling a Primetime Event

Last Updated: February 21, 2017 // 3:05 PM

To schedule a Primetime Event, follow these instructions (or watch our training video). Click the Events tab in your BlueJeans account, then the blue "Schedule Event" button.

  1. Enter an Event Title
  2. Provide a Description  
  3. Select an available Event Size (your plan will dictate options)
  4. Select a Starting Date, Time, and Duration (Time zone adjustment available. Check “Repeat Event” and complete the form if more than one occurrence of this event is planned - not available with certain plans).
  5. Click Continue to proceed.
  6. Choose an Event Type (Public Event allows anyone to join, no BJN account needed. Restricted Event allows only members of your Enterprise Group to join. They’ll be asked to enter their BJN credentials).
  7. Check if you require Attendees to enter their email address before coming into the event.
  8. We will include a default "welcome" and ending "thank you" message. You can enable your own custom messages, if you wish.
  9. Add a brand watermark
  10. Enable or Disable Event Settings
    • Event Chat – Event-wide chat for all participants
    • Attendee Search – Allows Attendees to search for other Attendee’s names.
    • Q&A – Attendees can submit questions for Moderator or Presenters to answer.
    • Auto Recording – The Event will automatically record.
    • Phone Dial-in – Up to 500 Attendees can attend via Phone.
  11. Click Schedule to create the Event!
  12. Now it’s time to send out the invitations. Under the three tabs, fill in the email addresses, or, you can copy the event URL and paste to your preferred scheduling tool.
    • Presenters will show slides, provide lecture material, etc. Their video will also be seen by the audience.
    • Moderators control the event (muting presenter mics and  cameras, accepting attendee requests to join as presenters).   Their video will be shown to others. As Event Scheduler, you will always receive a copy of the Moderator Invite.
    • Attendees watch and listen. They cannot be seen or heard, unless they “raise their hand” and are accepted to come in as presenters.
  13. Click Send Invitations to complete.



Need help moderating your event? The BlueJeans support team is here to assist you. Fill out this form to schedule one of our experts to work with you in making sure your event is spectacular!