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Managing BlueJeans Rooms in Command Center

Last Updated: February 19, 2019 // 4:15 PM


Group Admins can remotely manage and monitor their provisioned Rooms from the BlueJeans Command Center. To access your available Rooms, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Log into your BlueJeans Admin account
  2. Click on Command Center
  3. Click on the ROOMS tab

The ROOMS HUB in Command Center contains all of the BlueJeans Rooms that are associated with your Enterprise Group. The Rooms are listed in alphebetical order by default and their current status.


Room Health

The Room's current Health is shown as a colored circle next to the name (from the list view) or next to its current status (from the details page).

  • GREEN - Room is fully operational and has no errors or warnings.
  • ORANGE - Room has yet to join a meeting to sync with the server or a media device (camera, microphone or speaker) is not responding.
  • RED - Room has been disconnected and is not available for us because the software on the PC and/or Controller (DCP or iPad) is offline.


Room Status

The Room's Status indicates it's current availability.

  • Available - Room is Available for use.
  • In Use - Room is currently attending a meeting
  • Disconnected - Room is unavailable as one or both companion apps are offline.


Room Details

Clicking on any Room from your list will open up the Room Details page.

  • Room Information:
    • Room Name (can be edited)
    • Room Location (can be edited)
    • Provisioned By (shows which admin added it to the enterprise)
    • Date Provisioned (date when the room was added)
    • Room Status (current health and availability)
    • SIP Status (current status of SIP Integration)
  • Calendar:
  • Hardware Information:
    • Shows hardware and software details for the Desktop and iPad / DCP as well as the current status of each Media Device
  • Usage Statistics:
    • Shows number of meetings the Room has attended over a period of time


Audio Adjustments (DCP Rooms Only)

Depending on the size of the room and where the DCP is placed within it, you may need to adjust one or more audio settings. This can be done through the Command Center by clicking on the specific Room and selecting Dolby under Hardware Information.

Small Room Mode: Enabling Small Room Mode will reduce the microphone levels on the DCP, providing a more optimal sound experience for smaller conference rooms.

Orientation: The configured orientation of the DCP reflects how Spatial Audio is captured. You’ll want to set your orientation based on the relation between the DCP and the camera. See the chart below for reference. 180° is the default configuration.

  • 180° - DCP is facing away from the camera
  • 270° - DCP is facing to the left of the camera
  • 90° - DCP is facing to the right of the camera
  • 0° - DCP is facing forwards the camera


Customize Rooms

Both single-screen and dual-screen Rooms can be customized on an individual basis, or a common configuration can be set for use across all Rooms.

The following aspects of your Room can be customized:

  • Show or hide upcoming meetings
  • Show or hide the clock
  • Show or hide BlueJeans branding
  • Wallpaper


Customizing Wallpaper

Transform your Room by customizing the wallpaper to match your brand.

There are three options available: 

  • Default wallpapers: Choose from a variety of BlueJeans-provided wallpapers


  • Custom-uploaded wallpapers: Upload and use your own images (JPG or PNG files under 20MB)


  • Solid color: Keep it simple by selecting a color