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Quick Join with Rooms

Last Updated: October 8, 2018 // 10:37 AM

Quick Join Overview

Quick Join is a feature for the BlueJeans Android & iOS Apps that allows users to remotely interface with a BlueJeans Room. The BlueJeans Room acts as a beacon and can detect nearby users with the mobile app open. If you have an upcoming meeting (within the next 75 minutes), then the room will present you with the option to join the meeting. This allows users to simply walk into an available BlueJeans Room and start any of their scheduling meetings; no prior booking or sharing the appointment with the room's calendar required!



Enabling Quick Join

After installing the BlueJeans Mobile app, you'll be asked to Enable or Disable Quick Join. If you did not enable Quick Join at that time, then follow the instructions below.

  1. Launch the BlueJeans Android or iOS app and log in
  2. Tap the ME button
  3. Tap the Settings button
  4. Scroll down to Huddle Quick and tap the switch to enable.
    • Please Note - Once the feature is enabled, your device will request confirmation that you give the BlueJeans Mobile app permission to access your location. If this request is denied, then the app will be unable to pair with the Room Controller


How to Use Quick Join

Once enabled, your mobile device can now be used to used to join upcoming meetings in a BlueJeans Room.

  1. Launch the BlueJeans Mobile app on your Android or iOS device.
  2. Place your device within close proximity of the Room Controller (Dolby Conference Phone or iPad) to activate the pairing process
    • The initial Pairing Range is around 15 inches from the controller. Once paired, you can move the device up to 3ft away and still remain paired.
  3. Once the controller recognizes your device, it will display a prompt asking if you would like to join your upcoming meeting using the BlueJeans Room.
    • If the BlueJeans Room is already booked, then you'll be prompted about the potential conflict.



Technical Requirements

  • Compatible with the BlueJeans Android and iOS apps.
    • Android: Requires Android OS 4.4.0+ and BlueJeans Android App 2.9.0+
    • iOS: Requires iOS 9 or 10 and BlueJeans iOS App 9.0+
  • Must be logged into an active BlueJeans account and have the app in the foreground.
  • The Mobile device must have Location Service (GPS) and Bluetooth enabled.
    • Android: Settings Location Turn [ON]
    • iOS: Settings Location Services BlueJeans App Enable 'While Using the App'.
  • The Room iPad or Dolby Conference Phone must have Bluetooth ON (this is the default setting).