Primetime Events: Preparation tips and Check list

Last Updated: May 10, 2017 // 2:13 PM

Below are some endpoint pre-requisites and an event check list for those hosting/joining a Primetime event:

Endpoint setup:

  • Users joining over a computer or Room system (H323 or SIP) should double-check to make sure the right Firewall ports are open; Click Here for instructions.
  • Joining an event as a moderator or presenter is currently not supported on Firefox. Moderators/Presenters trying to connect will be prompted to join from BlueJeans App. Attendees using Firefox need to install the latest flash player. (on Chrome it is enabled by default)
  • If you are behind a restrictive Firewall or Proxy setup, make sure to allow http content from Akamai servers i.e and
  • Click Here for details on Primetime bandwidth requirements.


Event checklist:

    Before the event:

  • Plan how the speakers and content should be presented. Leave sufficient time at end for Q&A
  • Reserve the conference rooms, to ensure a good environment is secured
  • Provide speakers with agenda, so they are fully prepared
  • Ensure presentation slides are prepared (clean and easy to read)
  • Ensure all speakers are connected from a reliable internet connection (e.g., strong wifi signal)
  • Determine if multiple moderators are needed (i.e., one to handle Q&A, muting noisy microphones, narrating the session, helping participants with issues)
  • Determine if event should be Recorded, and set Auto-record, if needed
  • Determine if the BlueJeans "Accelerator" service is needed (to make office bandwidth efficient when many participants join separately from the same network).


  • Invite the right people, into their roles (Moderator or Presenter or Attendee)
  • Set the event to be either Public (anyone with an invitation can join) or Restricted (participants must be a user within your BlueJeans group)
  • Choose if you require Attendees to enter their email address when joining
  • Enable (or disable) Chat, Attendee Search, Q&A panel, Auto Recording, or Telephone dial in for Attendees - limit of 500 attendees who will be able to dial in from a phone.

    Rehearse the Event:

  • Ensure Moderators and Presenters understand the controls (practice muting/unmuting, promoting an Attendee, posting Questions and providing Answers)
  • Ensure the video and audio quality from each tested endpoint is solid
  • Make sure Presenters look and sound good on camera. Ensure that the speakers are in a quiet room, and, beware of background noise (e.g shuffling papers, whispering to colleagues, etc.).
  • Change video layouts, to determine what works best for your event
  • It's common that users will try multiple browsers or tabs to view as an attendee (to test etc). It's recommend to view only from a single browser on a single tab. Having multiple tabs or browsers joining as attendee will consume bandwidth and may also cause audio repetitions resulting in poor viewing experience.
  • Have several questions queued up for the Q&A section, just in case nobody in the audience steps forward!

Event day

  • Moderators and Presenters should set their calendars to arrive 30 minutes early, for final testing and set up
  • Click the "Broadcast" button to start the event
  • Provide a brief introduction to the audience, including Primetime how-to instructions, as needed, such as:
    • How Attendees raise hand to be promoted,
    • When/how to use chat,
    • When to use moderator chat,
    • How to post questions,
    • How to get technical assistance,
    • Letting Attendees know they can only watch and listen (they cannot be seen or heard), and,
    • Telling Attendees the video/audio content they receive has a 20 second delay
  •     After the event:
    • Debrief with the Speakers to determine what went well and what could be improved
    • Share the recording link to the audience, if applicable
    • Visit your Command Center panel to review statistics from this event.

For more information, check out our Best Practices Guide for a PDF version of this checklist. 

Need help moderating your event? The BlueJeans support team is here to assist you. Fill out this form to schedule one of our experts to work with you in making sure your event is spectacular! 


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