Primetime Event instructions for Attendees

Last Updated: July 20, 2017 // 12:43 PM

Below are instructions for Attendees to join and enjoy a Primetime Event (or, watch our training video or view the guide).

  1. From your email invitation click the blue Join Event button (or follow the instructions in the email to join by room system or phone)
  2. Clicking the Join Event button takes you to three options: join from a computer, a room system, or, dial in by phone. 
  3. When the event starts, you'll be reminded you will not be seen or heard. You can only watch and listen.
  4. Turn your speaker on or off, and adjust the volume
  5. Expand your screen to full view
  6. When screens/presentations are shared, the speaker is shown in a small overlay. You can drag the window, expand it, or, reverse the video and presentation view. Note, attendees (with HTML5 enabled) using Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Edge will have a slider bar to zoom between the participant videos and screen share content.
  7. Raise your hand if you want to be promoted to Presenter level. If the Moderator approves your request, you will be able to speak and be seen, but not share your screen or answer a question (from Q&A).
  8. Chat with all participants, or just with the moderator (one-on-one).
  9. Ask a question, which will be answered by a Presenter


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