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Fixing a participant (the lecturer) to always appear as "main speaker" (i.e., "video pinning")

Last Updated: February 7, 2019 // 1:14 PM

This feature is now available in our new Desktop App 2.0. Click Here for more information.

As the Moderator, you may want to designate a specific participant as the "main speaker" and have their video visible at all times, regardless of who is speaking. With the Video Pin feature, you can pin a specific participant to lock their position in the meeting as the "active" speaker.

To Pin a Participant, use the steps listed below:

  1. As a Moderator, mouse over (and click to expand, if necessary) a Participant in the Roster and click on the "Pin participant" icon. The Participant must be sending video to be pinned. Both Moderator and Participant will receive a Banner Notification, indicating that they have been pinned.
  2. The "pinned" Participant's video will remain fixed as the main speaker. To unpin the Participant, simply click on the "Pin participant" icon a second time.