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Panopto Integration - Video Recording Management

Last Updated: November 12, 2018 // 2:09 PM

Panopto Overview

BlueJeans has developed an exciting integration with Panopto, which is a video platform that allows organizations to store, manage, edit, and share videos within their organization. The BlueJeans integration with Panopto allows meetings that have been recorded in BlueJeans to be automatically uploaded into Panopto's platform. This not only provides a single location for users in an organization to experience the recorded meetings, but also allows for the meetings to be transcribed, highlighted and categorized for better search results.

  • BlueJeans integration with Panopto is currently only available for Meetings and Event services.
  • The integration is available at no additional cost.
  • For more information on how the integration works on Panopto's side, please Click Here to review their guide.


Enterprise Groups are required to have Single Sign-On (SSO) setup with both BlueJeans and Panopto before the integration between the two platforms can be enabled. For information on how to setup SSO for your Enterprise Group, please use the resources included below.


How to Setup Integration

Enterprise Admins interested in setting up the integration should reach out to BlueJeans Support to submit the request. Once enabled, an Enterprise Admin with access to both BlueJeans & Panopto admin consoles will be able to setup the integration.

Before starting, we highly recommend that Enterprises create a dedicated Panopto service account specifically for the integration with BlueJeans. This account's credentials will be used to complete the integration on BlueJeans' side.


Panopto Instructions

  1. Collect the following details:
    • Username and Password of the Panopto User that will be used for the integration.
    • Domain Name (FQDN)
      • Taken from the URL of your Panopto server.
      • Panopto Cloud customers will use their sitename URL -
      • Panopto On-Premise customers will use their local site URL -
    • Identity Provider used by your Enterprise for Panopto SAML integration.
      • This can confirmed by navigating to System Identity Providers can using the Instance Name of the provider you want to use.
  2. Ensure that the Personal Folders for users setting is set to Everyone.


BlueJeans Instructions

  1. Log into your BlueJeans Admin account from the website.
  2. Access the Admin Console.
  3. Select Integrations from the side menu.
  4. Under the Panopto tab, enter in the details for your Panopto Admin account:
    • Username
    • Password
    • Domain Name (FQDN)
    • Identity Provider
  5. Click Save to conclude the BlueJeans portion of the setup.

Once the above steps have been performed and saved, the integration between the two platforms will be fully operational. For more information on how the integration works on Panopto's side, please refer to their guide.