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BlueJeans Outlook Office 365 Add-in for Mac, Windows, and Web

Last Updated: October 23, 2018 // 9:40 AM

O365 Outlook Add-in Overview

The BlueJeans Outlook Add-in is now available for Office 365 environments. The add-in has been redesigned to make use of the new technologies available in Office 365's updated Add-in framework. It allows Outlook users to easily schedule their meetings from within the Outlook calendar.


Scheduling a BlueJeans Meeting

1. Launch the Outlook client and go to the calendar tab, and click add a new meeting. The add-in can be seen on the top banner.

Windows and Mac Client


Web Client


2. Click on “Add a BlueJeans Meeting” to add BlueJeans Meeting Link to the Calendar invite. For the very first time, a user would be asked to sign-in through his/her BlueJeans credentials.


3. Once the user has signed in to your BlueJeans account, he/she needs to grant Calendar access to the BlueJeans add-in by clicking on “Accept” button. If he/she does not provide access, he/she will only be able to schedule “Personal Meeting”.


4. After providing access, as per user’s add-in settings, the BlueJeans Meeting link will be populated to the Calendar invite.


5.    Moving forward, the user can simply click the “Add a BlueJeans Meeting” and his/her meeting information will be populated automatically with no additional login required.


Meeting Settings

The O365 Outlook Add-in has built-in access to your account's Meetings Settings page. To access your settings, create a new or open an existing event on your calendar, click the BlueJeans Meetings button, and then click Settings.

Scheduling Profile

Your Scheduling Profile allows you to configure the default Meeting Type that will be used when you schedule meetings and which join flow new participants will use when joining your meetings.

  • Meeting Type
    • One-Time Meeting - Schedules meetings with a unique Meeting ID. Once the meeting or series has concluded, the unique ID will expire after 24 hours. Recommended when frequently meeting with external parties.
    • Personal Meeting - Schedules meetings using your Personal Meeting ID. This is a static Meeting ID that does not change. Recommended for internal meetings and sharing.
  • Join Flow
    • BlueJeans App - New users will be prompted to download and install the BlueJeans Desktop App. This provides the best in-meeting experience for participants.
    • Browser - New users will be able to join using their preferred web browser if they do not already have the desktop app installed. Recommended when meeting with external parties that may limit or prevent software installation.

Advanced Options

Advanced Meeting Options allows you to configure the default settings applied to your One-Time and Personal Meetings.

  • Mute Participant Audio on Entry - All non-moderator participants join the meeting with their microphones automatically muted.
  • Start Meeting without a Moderator - Meeting can formally start without a Moderator, as long as there are at least two active participants.
  • Silent Participant Entry Mode - Disables the audio/visual entry and exit notifications.
  • Add Participant Passcode - Adds a unique Participant Passcode that is required, in addition to the Meeting ID, in order to join the meeting. Passcodes for One-Time Meetings are random but can be chosen for your Personal Meetings.

My Account

The My Account section provides the options to log out of the add-in, view/edit your Moderator Passcode, or submit an error report if you're experiencing any issues with the add-in.


  • Contact your Enterprise Admin if you are missing features as it may have been disabled by an admin.
  • Your Moderator Passcode cannot be the same as the Participant Passcode used for your Personal Meeting ID.
  • If Calendar Permission is not granted when the add-in is installed, then meetings scheduled using a One-Time ID will be unavailable.
    • Revoking permission after it has granted can cause existing One-Time IDs to expire.