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Outlook Delegation FAQ

Last Updated: June 29, 2018 // 8:35 AM

BlueJeans started to support the Outlook Delegation Functionality with Add-In v3.3.522 and below are some of the FAQs.

What versions of Outlook/Exchange are supported?
Outlook- 2010, 2013, 2016; Office 365.
Exchange- 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016; hosted or on-premise and O365 exchange

What is the minimum supported version of BlueJeans Outlook Add-In?
You must use the Microsoft Windows Outlook Add-In version 3.3.522 or later for delegate scheduling to work.

Does a delegator (ex: CEO) need a BlueJeans account to allow a delegate (ex: Admin) to schedule on his behalf?
Yes - both the delegate and the delegator are required to have BlueJeans accounts.

How do I set up Delegation?

  1. First set up delegation in Outlook
  2. Ensure that delegate users have the appropriate Outlook delegate permissions (read, edit, create and delete). ***Blue Jeans Outlook delegation will mirror Outlook’s delegate permissions***
  3. Login into your BlueJeans account on WebApp and assign BlueJeans delegates (under Personal settings- top right corner) or ask your BlueJeans IT/ Group admin to set up delegation for you.
  4. Download BlueJeans Outlook Add-In by navigating to-

As a delegate, can I edit the BlueJeans meetings of my delegator which I did not create?
Yes, you can. As long as you have delegate permissions. If the meeting was scheduled before you had delegate permissions granted, then you'll be unable to edit that BlueJeans meeting.

Where are BlueJeans meetings created?
Users can begin creating BlueJeans meetings in any selected calendar once both BlueJeans and Outlook delegate permissions have been granted.

  • User’s Own Calendar- A BlueJeans Outlook Add-In user will use the “Schedule” button to schedule meetings in his own calendar.

How can I set the “From” address for delegate meeting invitations?

  • To set the “From” address for delegate Exchange folders, an Exchange administrator can set “Send on Behalf” and “Send As” permissions for a delegated Exchange mailbox.
  • “Send on Behalf” allows the delegate to select the delegator’s account in the From field. The recipient of the meeting invitation will see the following in the From field:
  • “From: Mailbox <delegate's address> on behalf of Mailbox <your address>”.
  • “Send As” allows the delegate to send invitations that appear to come from the delegator.
  • “Send on Behalf” permissions can also be set by a delegator in Outlook by selecting File>Info>Account Settings> Delegate Access>Select the delegate and set all Folders to None.
  • See this link for additional information about granting Exchange and Outlook mailbox permissions.

Why don’t I receive reminders for meetings I created in a delegated calendar?
Reminders are sent by Outlook for default Exchange mailboxes and not in delegate mailboxes or for items in Exchange public folders.

Is Delegate scheduling supported in Internet calendars?
BlueJeans Delegate scheduling is not supported if you are using an Internet calendar with Outlook (for example Google Calendar). However, you can still use Delegate Scheduling with Blue Jeans Web Scheduler.