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Windows & Office 365 Outlook Add-in Comparison

Last Updated: July 30, 2018 // 2:44 PM

Choosing the Right Add-in for You

Your BlueJeans account can easily integrate with Microsoft Outlook using our Outlook Add-in. The add-in allows users to seamlessly schedule BlueJeans meetings directly from Outlook. BlueJeans has developed two varients of the add-in, one for Microsoft Windows and the other for Office 365. Included below is a full feature comparison to help choose the right Outlook Add-in for yourself and/or your organiziation.

  • Windows Outlook Add-in leverages the Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO) framework. This approach has been available since Office 2003 and has a rich set of features available. The VSTO add-in requires a small install on end users’ machines and is only available for Outlook on Windows.
  • Office 365 Outlook Add-in leverages the new Office Add-in framework. This option leverages newer web technologies and requires no installation on end users’ machines. Because this is a new framework, not all features and customizations are available today.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will the new Office 365 Add-in have all features same as Windows Outlook Add-in?

A: Not at first, this is because the add-in is running on the new Office 365 Add-in framework. The remaining features are scheduled for implementation in the near future.


Q: Will both add-ins be updated with new releases and features?

A: Yes! We will continue to support both versions of the Outlook Add-in.


Q: I'm currently using the Windows Add-in. Is it possible to switch over to the Office 365 Add-in?

A: Yes,but you will need to uninstall the Windows Add-in before installing the Office 365 version. If you are currently using any of the features that are not yet implemented in the Office 365, then it is recommended that you wait to transition until those features are available.


Q: Is the new Office 365 Add-in supported in both the desktop and web Outlook clients on Mac?

A: Yes, the Office 365 Add-in is fully supported in both the desktop and web client versions of Outlook on Mac!