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Windows Outlook Add-In no longer visible

Last Updated: August 29, 2017 // 3:21 PM

Enable the Outlook Add-in

If the BlueJeans Outlook Add-in for Windows is no longer visible in Outlook's ribbon menu, then the add-in has likely been flagged as inactive or disabled. Microsoft Office applications will automatically disable Add-Ins that load unexpectedly. Please follow the steps below to verify the status of your add-in and how to re-enable:

  1. Open Outlook and navigate to File Options Add-Ins
  2. View the list of currently installed add-ins and confirm if the [Blue Jeans Outlook Addin] is listed as an Inactive or Disabled add-in
  3. Refer to the instructions included below based on the current status of the add-in
  4. Once Active, the add-in will be available for use


If the add-in is INACTIVE:

  1. Select Manage: "COM Add-ins" from the dropdown list and click [Go...]
  2. Check the box next to the [Blue Jeans Outlook Addin]
  3. Click [OK] to re-enable the add-in
    • The add-in should now be visible under the list of Active Add-ins and the Outlook ribbon


If the add-in is DISABLED:

  1. Select "Disable Items" from the Manage dropdown list and click [Go...]
  2. Select the [Blue Jeans Outlook Addin] from the list of Disabled add-ins and click [Enable]
  3. Close the pop-up window and verify if the add-in has been moved into the list of Active or Inactive add-ins; may require a reset of Outlook
    • If the add-in was moved into the list of Inactive add-ins, then follow the steps in the previous section to fully Activate the add-in.