BlueJeans Outlook Add-in for Office 365 End User Installation Guide

Last Updated: December 13, 2017 // 1:40 PM

Note: The following are the requirements and installation instructions for end users, if you are an admin looking to install the BlueJeans Office 365 Outlook Add-in for your company, please refer to these instructions.

Office 365 Outlook Add-in Overview

The BlueJeans Outlook Add-in is now generally available for Office 365 environments! The add-in has been redesigned to make use of the new technologies available in Office 365's updated Add-in framework. This new framework allows the add-in to be enabled on end users' machines without requiring a direct installation. Because of the new framework, not all of the features and customizations from the original Outlook Add-in for Windows are available today.

  • A full feature comparison between the Office 365 and Windows versions of the Outlook Add-in, please Click Here.

Supported Clients:


  • Office Desktop Clients
    • Outlook for Windows 2013 (Requires the KB3114349 Update)
    • Outlook for Windows 2016
    • Outlook for Mac 2016 (Minimum version requirement of 15.32)
      • If the Office stable channel is still on version 15.31, then use the Fast Preview release channel to upgrade to at least 15.35. Fast Preview can be enabled in Help > Check for Updates > Join Office Insider Program
  • Office Web Clients
    • Google Chrome for Mac OS & Windows
    • Mozilla Firefox for Mac OS & Windows
    • Safari for Mac
    • Internet Explorer
    • Microsoft Edge

Installing the Office 365 Add-in for End Users

To install the add-in on your machine, go through the following steps:

  1. Open Outlook and click on the store button on the top right:



  1. Click on the option to “Add a custom add-in”



  1. Select add from URL… and enter the folloing URL:


  1. Click on Install


  1. You should now see the confirmation screen


  1. To confirm it worked, open up your calendar and click to add a new event.  You should know see the BlueJeans button in the top right.  Once you click “Add a BlueJeans Meeting” and login, your BlueJeans meeting information will populate and the invite and it is ready to send.


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