BlueJeans Outlook Add-in for Office 365 Admin Installation Guide

Last Updated: December 13, 2017 // 3:12 PM

The following are the requirements and installation instructions for admins, if you are an individual user looking to install the BlueJeans Office 365 Outlook Add-in, please refer to these instructions.

Office 365 Outlook Add-in Overview

Note: Deploying the the Office 365 Outlook Add-in? Click Here to review our deployment and installation instructions.

The BlueJeans Outlook Add-in is now generally available for Office 365 enviorments! The add-in has been redesigned to make use of the new technologies available in Office 365's updated Add-in framework. This new framework allows the add-in to be enabled on end users' machines without requiring a direct installation. Because of the new framework, not all of the features and customizations from the original Outlook Add-in for Windows are available today.

  • A full feature comparision between the Office 365 and Windows versions of the Outlook Add-in, please Click Here.


Supported Clients:

  • Office Desktop Clients
    • Outlook for Windows 2013 (Requires the KB3114349 Update)
    • Outlook for Windows 2016
    • Outlook for Mac 2016 (Minimum versuin requirement of 15.32)
      • If the Office stable channel is still on version 15.31, then use the Fast Preview release channel to upgrade to at least 15.35. Fast Preview can be enabled in Help > Check for Updates > Join Office Insider Program
  • Office Web Clients
    • Google Chrome for Mac OS & Windows
    • Mozilla Firefox for Mac OS & Windows
    • Safari for Mac
    • Internet Explorer
    • Microsoft Edge


Installing the Office 365 Add-in

The Office 365 Add-in for Outlook can be deployed using the instructions below based on your preferred deployment method. Please note that Add-in Management in Exchange allows you to have multiple add-ins installed, controlled at both the organization and individual mailbox level.


Deploying to All Users:

To install the add-in for all users in an organization, you will need an Exchange account with admin privileges.

  1. Log into the Exchange Admin Center.
  2. Go to Organization Add-ins. Here you can add, edit, and remove add-ins from all users in your organization.
  3. To add the BlueJeans Meetings add-in, click the button and input the following manifest URL:
    • If the add-in has already been installed, you can edit or delete it from the list of already installed add-ins.
  4. Once the add-in has been installed to your enviorment, highlight the row that the add-in is located in and click the ✏ button to edit.
  5. Set the User Defaults to Optional, enabled by default and click [Save].

Now all the users in the organization have the add-in installed. Once they restart Outlook or reload OWA, they will see the BlueJeans Meetings add-in.


Deploying to Some Users:

To install the add-in for a subset of users in your organization, an admin can create a Distribution List for them in Exchange, then connect to Exchange Online PowerShell. Refer to Manage User Access To Add-Ins For Outlook (section Limit Availability To Specific Users) and the Set-App Mailbox Cmdlet for instructions.

Please Note: There are typos in the Manage User Access To Add-Ins For Outlook document provided by Microsoft. Every instance of "Organizationadd-in" should actually be "OrganizationApp". See the Set-App Mailbox Cmdlet document for correct examples.


Individual Installation:

A single user can install the add-in for themselves. It will only affect their account, not other users in the organization.

  1. Go to Outlook Web Access Your App Settings Mail General Manage add-ins.
  2. Before adding the add-in, confirm if the BlueJeans Meeting add-in was already installed by your admin and make sure to turn it off. This prevents duplicate copies of the add-in from running concurrently.
  3. To add the BlueJeans Meetings add-in, click the button and input the following manifest URL:
  4. Click [Next] followed by [Install] to finish the setup.


Using the Office 365 Add-in to schedule meetings

  1. Windows, Mac, and OWA users can now launch their outlook client and go to the calendar tab, and click add a new meeting.  You will now see the BlueJeans button on the top right:
    • Outlook on Mac and Windows:


  • Outlook Web App:


  1. The first time a user clicks on the button, they will be prompted to login:


  1. After the initial login is complete, the meeting information will be populated:


  1. Moving forward, users can simply click the “Add a BlueJeans Meeting” and their meeting information will populate automatically with no additional login required.


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