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Meeting Controls for Participants and Moderators

Last Updated: June 18, 2018 // 10:46 PM

FEBRUARY 2018 UPDATE - This article is for Desktop App 1.x. For information regarding the App 2.x, see Desktop App 2.0.

Meeting Controls (for all participants and moderators):

  1. Participants Roster:
    • All participants can:
      • See who is the meeting (with the mute status of their mic and camera) and who's talking
      • Request to take over Control of another's Desktop (Remote Desktop Control)
      • See call details (type of endpoint they are using, and quality indicators)
      • Identify the moderator (a blue bar to the left of their name)
      • Identify which room system endpoints are unencrypted (an orange bar to the left of their name)
    • Moderators have additional tools available:
      • Mute an individual participant's mic or camera (the participant will be able to unmute themselves, if desired)
      • Mute (or unmute) all participants at once
      • "Pin" a participant to always be the primary video shown, regardless who is talking
      • Drop individual participants from the meeting.
  2. Content Share: Access the Screen Share and Video Share menus.
    • Video Sharing is only available when using the BlueJeans App (not available when joining through Chrome or Firefox browser).
  3. Settings: Adjust your Microphone, Camera, and Speaker devices. See No audio and/or video from your computer for tips on how to adjust your settings!
  4. Switch to Phone: use a telephone for audio only, supressing the audio from your computer.
  5. Mute Microphone: Toggle your Microphone between Live and Muted.
    • Pressing the 'M' key on your keyboard will also quickly mute or unmute your microphone.
  6. Mute Camera: Toggle your Camera between Live and Muted.
    • Pressing the 'V' key on your keyboard will also quickly mute or unmute your camera.
  7. Recording: Moderator only can initiate recording for this meeting; capturing all video, audio, and content for future playback. See Recording and Playback instructions for more information.
  8. Full Screen Mode: Scales the meeting interface to your monitor's maximum screen size.
  9. Self View: View a mirrored image of your video feed. Click on the preview window to pop-out the video.
  10. Leave Meeting: Exit the meeting you are currently attending. Moderators can choose to end the meeting upon their departure.
  11. Meeting Chat: Send messages that are seen by all meeting participants or chat privately one-on-one. To learn more, visit Chat.
  12. Video Layout: Change your currently selected Video Layout. See Layout Option in the Active Meeting View to learn more about Video Layouts!
    • Video Layouts cannot be changed when receiving Content Share.
  13. Content Ratio: When receiving content share, slide the bar to adjust the size percentage of the content and presenter windows.
  14. Quick Share: click for an easy way to reach the Share your Screen menu.
  15. Remote Desktop Control: Request to take over Control of another's Desktop
  16. Invite others to join this meeting.
  17. Moderator Controls: From this menu, the Moderator can:
    • "push" a particular layout to all Participants. This option will be unavailable during Content Share. See Layout Option in the Active Meeting View to learn more.
    • Lock Meeting: The Moderator will have the option to lock the meeting, preventing any new connections from joining. Warning, any endpoint that leaves the meeting will be unable to rejoin until the meeting has been unlocked.
    • Advanced Meeting Options: The Advanced Meeting Options Mute Participants On Entry and Silent Participant Entry Mode can be manually enabled or disabled while the meeting is live.