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Manual HDMI controls for BlueJeans Rooms

Last Updated: December 28, 2018 // 1:46 PM

In certain situations, BlueJeans Rooms (iPad, DCP, and DVR-based Rooms) may have a connected device (such as Apple TV, Extron and Crestron HDMI switch boxes, or Barco Click Share) sending a constant “on” HDMI signal when not required for in-room or in-meeting video. In order to provide manual control for content sharing and assist with the implementation of the aforementioned devices, we have created the ability to manually invoke HDMI content share. This functionality is disabled by default and must be enabled by BlueJeans Support.


Supported Configurations

  • Dolby Voice Rooms with BlueJeans
  • BlueJeans Rooms software version 1.15 or higher
  • Windows 10-based BlueJeans Rooms must utilize the Logitech Screen Share product


How to Enable Manual HDMI Sharing

Contact BlueJeans Support to enabled this feature. Once enabled, automatic HDMI sharing will no longer function.


How to Use Manual HDMI Sharing Controls

The following steps are supported both inside and outside of BlueJeans meetings.

  1. Navigate to the Share section of the Dolby Conference Phone touch screen.
  2. Tap HDMI to begin sharing.
  3. Tap Stop Sharing when done.