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Layout options in the Active Meeting View

Last Updated: November 16, 2018 // 6:01 PM

UPDATE - This feature is available in our new Desktop App 2.0. Click Here for more information.

Video and screen sharing layouts can be changed from the Layouts tab in the Meeting Control Panel:

Three layouts are available when viewing participant's video feeds. Hover your mouse to the lower left to bring up the three layouts:

  1. Active Speaker mode: Current speaker takes up the entire screen
  2. Active Presence mode: Active speaker is seen on top, with up to five other participants (last ones speaking) are viewed on bottom. This is the default layout.
  3. Constant Presence mode: up to 9 participants shown at the same time in a "Brady Bunch" format.


  • You can change your meeting default layout (for both host and attendees), in My Settings / Room Settings. Participants can change their layout (if needed) after they have joined the meeting.
  • From a room system, you can also change your layout using the DTMF dial pad: press the “*” button to bring up the on-screen menu, then press “1” to toggle between layout options. Click here for details.
  • "Your layout cannot be changed at this time" message may be shown to some participants in a large meeting (more than 25 participants), due to technical limitations.


Moderators only can push layout to all participants:

  1. As the Moderator, click the Participants tab,
  2. Then click the "Moderator Controls" icon, found at the bottom,
  3. Select which of the three layout views you want pushed to everyone,
  4. Then press the green bar to confirm.
  • Only Video layouts can be pushed (Screen share layouts cannot). Individual participants can over-ride the push.
  • Moderator, starting a meeting from a Room System, must use the "Pairing code" process if they want to change the Video Layouts during the meeting. This connects their laptop into the meeting. Note, moderator will not be able to push Screen Sharing layouts to others.