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Large Meetings: Preparation and Tips

Last Updated: December 7, 2018 // 10:57 AM

Hosting a large BlueJeans Meeting? Included below are some preperation suggestions and tips to ensure your participants have a smooth meeting experience.


  • Participants can join, ahead of time, our test meeting ( to check connectivity and audio/video quality from their endpoint.
  • Navigate to Settings (Gear-wheel located in right bottom corner of Blue Jeans app meeting panel) and test microphone by observing blue line going up and down when you are talking and click test sound to check speaker functions. Toggle between the options to check the right audio/camera device.
  • We recommend enabling Silent Participant Entry Mode and Mute Upon Entry options to avoid audio interruptions.
  • Pin the video feed of the speaker to focus attention during presentations or lectures. Click Here for more information on Video Pinning.

Content Share:

  • During Screen Share...
    • Don’t click screen share unless you are requested to do so. Screen share option is available with every attendee in a meeting.
    • Keep the documents ( Ex: PPT, PDF) open in your desktop which needs to see shared during screen share so that bluejeans screen share interface detects them.
    • If sharing screens from a room system, test the share before the actual meeting. You need to connect a laptop via video cable ( ex: HDMI, DVI) to room system and hit content button on remote control to show your laptop screen.
  • If you are going to Video Share, then ensure the video files are uploaded beforehand in your bluejeans account if you are going to play video in meeting. When video is played, all microphones are muted automatically and get unmute automatically once video play is stopped. Hit spacebar to lower the volume of video play.


  • Auto recording is possible only for enterprises which have purchased enhanced recording. Confirm with the support/group admin before you enable this option during scheduling. Please find the differences between basic and enhanced recording here.
  • Manual recording is only possible if you are connected via bluejeans app,browser ,browser paired session with room system as a host ( note: Using host URL or using moderator pin while joining). Red dot icon situated in right bottom of meeting indicates recording option.
  • The recording file will be available once the meeting is ended. Host will be notified via email about recording availability.


  • In a standard meeting, maximum 25 attendees are supported at a time. If you like to increase the limit, your account needs to have “Large Meeting" capacity option. Contact your enterprise admin or bluejeans support to confirm if your enterprise has purchased this feature.
  • If connectivity fails while testing, attendees can check with their network firewall team. Click here for network firewall related technical requirement .
  • In a case of any connectivity/quality issues please contact Bluejeans Support via any of the below channels: