Joining and Using the 2.0 App from your computer

Last Updated: February 11, 2018 // 8:08 AM

January 2018: The upcoming 2.0 version of the BlueJeans App offers our best audio and video experience from a Windows or Mac computer. Joining instructions ans in-meeting controls are shown below. For instructions on how to download and set up the 2.0 app, visit Downloading the 2.0 App and syncing your Calendar, or see our App 2.0 detailed guide.

Joining a Meeting

There are multiple ways to join a meeting from your App Dashboard:

  1. Click to start your Personal meeting, or
  2. Click for two more join options: screen share only mode, or, using your phone for audio, or
  3. Hover over an upcoming meeting to view meeting details. Click the join button to enter, or
  4. Manually enter a Meeting ID and passcode (optional) and click Join to enter another meeting

Before joining the meeting, you have the option to adjust your settings:

  1. Mute your camera or mic before entering the meeting, if needed
  2. Click Settings to select your device (camera, mic or speaker), to make sure the right one is in use



Managing your Meeting

  1. Use the icons along the top to manage your meeting experience:
    • Mute your camera if you don’t want to be seen
    • Mute your microphone when not talking for an extended period. (for Macs only, at this time, click the drop down arrow if you prefer to use a separate phone for audio, instead of your computer)
    • Share your screen with all participants
    • Leave the meeting (Moderators leaving will have the option to end the meeting for all, or let it continue for a set period of time)
  2. Three menu commands:
    • View People - see the lineup of all participants, even see just those that are talking. Meeting URL is available to copy and share with others. Moderators only also have the ability to mute any participant’s camera or mic
    • Group Chat - chat with all participants
    • Apps - available for Mac only, at this time. Annotation and Whiteboard tools
    • Settings - choose your preferred camera, mic or speaker. Also, the Moderator has controls to mute people on entry, disable entry/exit notifications or lock the meeting
  3. People menu options:
    • Click to see only who’s talking (also shown by blue mic highlight)
    • use your "self-view" window to mute/unmute your camera or microphone
    • and Moderators (marked by a blue star next to their name) can:
      • Mute & unmute other participants' mic or camera, and
      • Mute & Unmute all participants at once




Changing your Preferences

From your Windows PC (screenshot example), click:the BlueJeans icon from the top menu bar (from a Mac, click "BlueJeans" to the right of the Apple icon) and use the Prefernces/General menu to:

  1. Select to always use your Computer or Phone for audio, or, mark to "always ask" for your choice as you join each meeting
  2. Set your mute (or unmute) preference for your camera (video) and microphone


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