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InterCall Reservationless-Plus

Last Updated: February 13, 2018 // 1:39 PM
Reservationless-Plus (an InterCall product) coupled with the BlueJeans service enables up to 250 people using a mix of audio and video to participate in a single conference. The integration will support 100 video participants and 150 audio participants.
What happens if the meeting limit is met?
If a 101st video participant joins the call, the video participant will receive a message via the BlueJeans interface stating “Maximum video capacity reached – Please use a phone to call into the meeting”. InterCall dial-in numbers will be presented to the participant. If the 151st audio participant joins the meeting, they will receive a message stating, “I'm sorry. This conference is full. Please notify your leader that this conference was full”.
If the moderator cannot join the meeting over video, but dials into the audio only, can the other participants join over video?
If the leader of the call starts the meeting using their audio account and not the BlueJeans interface, what will happen when the leader decides to drop the audio line and join over video?
This will depend on the audio setting of the user’s Reservationless-Plus account:
  • Auto continuation: If set to ON, then the conference will be allowed to continue after the leader leaves and the call will not time out. If set to OFF, then the call will time out based on the amount of time set. The default is 2 minutes. It is recommended that auto continuation is set to ON, if the BlueJeans service will be the primary use for conferencing.
  • Continuation: If set to ON, the leader can change the continuation settings during a call. If set to OFF, the leader cannot make any changes during a call.
  • For complete details on how to configure audio settings please refer to your audio user guide or sales representative.
What if I want to record the meeting?
The BlueJeans service does not support recording today. If the leader were to start a recording on the InterCall audio line, all the audio participants on the InterCall bridge as well as the audio of the participants on the BlueJeans interface would be recorded.
What if I want to lock the meeting, so other participants can not join?
If the BlueJeans meeting is locked via the BlueJeans interface, it will prevent anyone from joining the video, but it will allow participants to join via InterCall audio. If they want to completely lock the meeting, then the moderator will have to join over InterCall audio as well to lock the meeting by dialing *7.
How do I set my persistent meeting ID in Outlook?
1. Click Schedule Meeting. Outlook will create an appointment window as shown below.
2. Click Edit Meeting Options and then click Advanced Meeting Options. You will see a window pop-up as shown below.
3. Check Always use personal conference ID for my conference. Thereafter, all meetings that you schedule by clicking Schedule Meeting will use the personal conference ID for the meetings.
What if I need the audio bridge to dial-out to a participant?
This BlueJeans interface does not support audio dial-out today.
What happens if I can’t log into my BlueJeans account after my audio account has been integrated?
Please submit a request by contacting InterCall Support Team or 855.354.3955
What should I do if my participants are having a problem connecting to the BlueJeans meeting using an InterCall audio dial-in number?
If it’s for a meeting in-progress, dial *0 to get operator assistance and mention the problem is with the BlueJeans application.
If it’s for a past meeting, please contact InterCall Video Help Desk team @ or 855.354.3955