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Managing Features for your Group

Last Updated: October 25, 2017 // 9:36 AM

Manage your Enterprise's Features

The Manage Features page within the Admin Console provides Group Admins with the tools required to Enable & Disable features for their group and control which of those features are applied by default to new & existing users. These Enterprise-level features are not available for individual users to adjust or override.

  • Manage the feature's availability by checking or unchecking from the list of features such as: Remote Desktop Control, Recording, Large Meeting, Facebook Live, etc.
  • View the breakdown of how many users in your group currently have the feature Enabled and Disabled.
  • Choose to apply the feature's currently availability to all new and existing users by default.


Enterprise Features

The following are all the Enterprise-level features that can be managed by Group Admins:

Meeting Features

User Settings

  • Meeting Recording: Enable users to record, playback and share meetings
  • Large Meeting: Enable users to have large meetings (more than the standard 25 participants limit)
  • Premium Calling: Admins can choose to disable access to the Premium Numbers for specific accounts.

Third Party Integrations


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