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FAQ for Upgrading to the BlueJeans App for Chrome Users

Last Updated: February 8, 2018 // 3:13 PM

FEBRUARY 2018 UPDATE - This feature is unavailable in our new Desktop App 2.0. Click Here for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the BlueJeans App recommended for participants using Google Chrome (WebRTC)?
Participants joining from their desktop or laptop computers are recommended to utilize the BlueJeans App for their meetings to ensure the best possible meeting experience. Encouraging a single method for participants joining from their computer will result in a more consistent user experience, accelerated adoption, and fewer troubleshooting requests.


What if we do not want to de-emphasize Google Chrome (WebRTC) as a join method?
Group Admins have the ability to set WebRTC access as the default join method for Google Chrome users. To enable this setting, please follow the steps listed below:

  1. Log into your Admin Account.
  2. Go to the Admin Panel and choose 'Group Settings'.
  3. Scroll down to 'Default Connection Option' and click the 'Optimize for Chrome clientless access (using WebRTC)' checkbox to enable for your group.



Participants joining with Google Chrome will first be prompted to use the BlueJeans, but if they decline then they will have access to a 'Join with Browser' option to proceed into the meeting with Chrome's WebRTC. Once the participant has declined the BlueJeans App offer, they will not be prompted with it again




Will External Participants using Google Chrome (WebRTC) be prompted to install the BlueJeans App?

Yes, external participants will be prompted to install and utilize the BlueJeans App. If the 'Optimize for Clientless Chrome' setting has been enabled, then external participants can bypass the prompt and join with Chrome's WebRTC.
What are the differences between WebRTC and the BlueJeans App?
Chrome's built-in WebRTC
 allows for clientless entry into a BlueJeans meeting using only the browser. The BlueJeans App is a standalone application that is installed on the system. Participants using the BlueJeans App will experience the following benefits over WebRTC:
  • Bigger Feature Set: Because the BlueJeans App is not reliant on a web browser and has been developed by BlueJeans, it supports a more robust set of features.
    • Application Sharing: In addition to the standard 'Share Entire Screen' option, the BlueJeans App can share specific applications such as: PowerPoint, Word, or a particular browser window. While sharing a specific application, only that application will be visible to other participants; no other parts of your screen will be shared.
    • Video Sharing: The BlueJeans App offers the Video Sharing feature. Video Sharing allows participants to upload and share video clips directly through BlueJeans. Click Here to learn more about Video Sharing.
    • Single Sign-on Integration: The BlueJeans App allows SSO Integration Accounts to log into their BlueJeans account via Single Sign-on.
  • Enhanced User Experience: The BlueJeans App delivers a more reliable and consistent audio/video quality, improving the overall meeting experience for participants.


Will the BlueJeans App run on my computer?
There will be no changes to the system requirements for the BlueJeans. Click Here to learn more about the BlueJeans App's system requirements.
What if I do not install the BlueJeans App on my computer?
Participants without the BlueJeans can still attend their meetings using the following methods:
  • Chrome's WebRTC when the 'Optimize for Clientless Chrome' setting enabled.
  • H.323/SIP Room Systems (Cisco Tandberg, Polycom, Sony, LifeSize, etc.)
  • On their mobile device with our BlueJeans iOS & Android apps.
  • Dialing in via telephone.


Does the BlueJeans App require Admin Privileges to install?
The BlueJeans App does not require admin privileges to install.


As a Group Admin, can I make the BlueJeans App the default join method for my group?
Yes! In your Admin Panel, go to Group Settings and scroll down to 'Default Connection Option'. Open the drop-down list and select the BlueJeans app.


How should I announce this change to my users?
We've created and attached an email template to this article. Use this template to announce the changes to your users.


What if we use a central system for distributing applications?
The BlueJeans App supports both User and Admin MSI files. Click Here to learn more about our deployment options.


What is the Install Location for the BlueJeans App?
The BlueJeans App will be installed in one of two locations, depending on how it was deployed.

  • User MSI - C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Blue Jeans\App
  • Admin MSI - C:\Program Files (x86)\Blue Jeans\bjnplugin_admin


How does this change impact BlueJeans Events?
Moderators and Attendees will be prompted to join the event using the BlueJeans app or via Browser (seen only on Google Chrome). This change has no effect on Attendees, they will still have the ability to attend using their preferred browser.

For a copy of the email template for Chrome Users, click on the Attachment below: