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Factory Reset Your Dolby Device

Last Updated: April 27, 2018 // 9:45 PM

Resetting the Dolby Conference Phone to factory defaults clears the user data (such as the recent calls list and contact directory) and removes log files and cached data.


1. You can perform the reset several ways:

Method Instructions
Through the phone user interface From the home screen, tap , and then Adminsitrative Settings > Factory reset. Enter the administrative password (by default it is 1739) when prompted.
Through the diagnostic shell command Enter the factory reset command, systemfactoryReset
Through the Dolby Conference Phone web interface Go to Tools > Utilities and click the factory reset link.
Through the multiple key combination when the home screen displays Press the mute and volume-down buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds.
Through the mutliple key combination when the phone reboots Press the mute and volume-down keys simultaneously for five seconds. The LED turns green, and then turns yellow to show the phone is reset to factory defaults.


2. You will be asked to confirm the reset in all cases.

Results: If you confirm the option, the phone reboots to complete the reset process even if a call is active.