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BlueJeans Events - Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: January 17, 2019 // 10:02 AM

Q&A / Chat Features

Q: Can the Presenters moderate the chat as well as the Moderators?
A: Both the Moderator and Presenter can look after the chat and Q&A features together. However, only the Moderator has the ability to delete messages or questions.

Q: Do all questions have to be posted publicly in the webinar?
A: No, the Moderator can remove ‘Auto Approve’ for questions in the Event Settings. This will direct all questions to the Moderator for approval first. This way the Moderator can review all questions before they’re posted publicly to the webinar.

Q: If you switch off Chat to channel questions via QA, will attendees still be able to contact the moderators in case of technical issues?
A: Yes, the 1:1 Moderator Chat is part of the core Event platform - this is on by default for all events created and cannot be turned off. This means Presenters or Attendees will always be able to contact the Moderator.

Q: What is the difference between Chat and Q&A?
A: Chat allows you to discuss with Moderators / Presenters / Attendees freely about the event via open discussion. The Q&A is specifically designed as a way for Moderators / Presenters to gather questions from Attendees – other Attendees can also ‘upvote’ questions to show agreement.
NOTE - The chat function can often be hard to keep track of with a large group so we recommend use of Q&A.

Q: Can Attendees see the ‘Sort By Likes’ or ‘All Questions’ as Moderators can?
A: Q&A filters are not available for the Attendee view as they are for the Moderator at this time.

Q: Are the Moderators and Presenters the only ones allowed to answer in the Q&A section?
A: Yes, as Moderators / Presenters are already in an active role, they can ask each other questions Live. The Q&A function allows the Attendees to interact without the need of using their camera / mic.


Q: Can you record a session without Attendees?
A: Yes, you simply need to press the ‘Start Recording’ button. If you plan on just making a recording, we recommend using the standard BlueJeans Meeting service.

Q: If we share the link with the recording to others how long is the link good for?
A: That link will stay live depending on the settings your administrator has applied to your Enterprise group. To find out how long you have access to your recordings, please contact your Event administrator.

Q: How can I share a recorded meeting / webinar?
A: You have two ways to access your recording:
1 ) BlueJeans will send an automated Event Summary once your webinar has ended – this will contain your recording which you can download
2 ) You can go onto your BlueJeans account page > Events > Press ‘Past Events’ > Click on the Recording and Change the sharing from ‘Private’ to ‘Open’. This will generate a URL which you can share with anyone.

Q: If I just send recorded video link, can the person see the video anytime?
A: Yes, that link will always be live unless you manually change the sharing back to ‘Private.’

Q: Can you edit the recording prior to sharing with anyone?
A: At this moment we do not have a recording editor function within BlueJeans. However, you can use third party tools to edit via downloading the recording and uploading to the editing software.

Q: Is the recording sent out automatically to everyone who joined, or manually?
A: The Moderator who scheduled the event will be sent an automated report afterwards which has the recording attached. You can then change the Sharing Settings from Private to Open which will generate a URL which you can share with anyone.


Q: Is the Polling function anonymous?
A: Yes.

Q: How many questions can be asked on the poll?
A: There is no limit to the number of Polls you can post, but there is a maximum of 6 Options per Poll.

Q: If the Moderator creates a Poll, do Attendees see only the Poll OR Screen Share?
A: Attendees will see the Presentation / Screen Share and Poll simultaneously.

Visit Event Polling to learn more


Event Setup

Q: What is the difference between a Public and Restricted Event?
A: A Public Event means anyone can join, whereas a Restricted Event means only those from your enterprise group with a BlueJeans license can join.

Q: How can Attendees join my Event?
A: For events, Attendees can join via VC suite, BlueJeans Desktop App, any Browser, Smart phone / Tablet, or dial in over the Phone
NOTE: We recommend Attendees join over the Browser or Desktop app for the best experience.

Q: Can we use the Mobile or Desktop app to schedule our BlueJeans Event?
A: For now, BlueJeans Events can only be scheduled online via your account, under ‘Events.’

Q: Do we receive a list with all Questions asked so we can reply later?
A: Yes, the Moderator will get a transcript of all Approved questions once the event has ended.

Q: Is it possible to download a list of all the Attendees?
A: Yes, you will receive an automated email once your event finishes with a list of who joined.

Q: Is there a limit on how many Events / Webinars can be running at the same time?
A: No, everyone who has access to Events can schedule and join multiple events at the same time.

Q: What should I do if Attendees are unable to join?
A: If the attendees cannot connect, ask them to leave and attempt to reconnect. If that doesn’t work we recommend one of these most reliable connection options:
    - Download the desktop app from
    - Try using the Chrome browser
    - Join via app on smart phone / tablet.

Q: Are you able to edit Event Settings during a call?
A: No, once the call is Live, you cannot edit the Settings. However, you can edit the Settings anytime before the event or whilst Scheduling.

Event Roles

Q : Can an Event have more than one Moderator?
A : Yes, you can send the Moderator credentials to anyone else. We recommend two Moderators per Large event (anything over 100).

Q : Are the Attendees able to activate their camera and mic?
A : No, the Attendee’s default to a listen-only mode – BlueJeans does not have access to camera or mic.

Q : Are you able to see the lag that attendees have?
A : The attendees will not be able to see the lag in the stream. You would only see this if you had both a Presenter / Moderator dialled in and Attendee connection dialled in.

Q : What is the difference between Presenter and Moderator?
A : The Moderator has access to the Moderator Dashboard which helps control the event, whereas the Presenter joins in a role similar to Attendee, but they can share their Audio / Video / Presentations.

Q : Why is the delay up to 30 seconds long for Attendees?
A : It's about streams - In the same way that TV and Radio are not truly "live," the stream has a delay over the internet of up to 30 seconds whilst BlueJeans convert the Live meeting into a Stream.
NOTE: Room systems have a more direct point to point connection type than computers that go over the browser, so this delay will be less.

Q : Is it required to have both a Moderator and a Presenter?
A : No, a Moderator can run an Event by themselves, OR a Presenter can also join as a ‘helping hand’ to lead the presentation / event whilst the Moderator focuses on the Q&A and Chat functions.

Q : How many participants can attend an event?
A : Meeting capacity. Each Endpoint Type (see below) has a maximum number of connections that can be allocated from the 15,000 Attendee Capacity:

  • Web Browser - Up to 15,000
  • iOS & Android - Up to 15,000
  • Phone - Up to 500
  • Room System - Up to (100 - (Number of Moderators + Presenters))
    Example: If your event has 2 Moderators and 10 Presenters, then the maximum number of Room System Attendees that can join your event is 88.

Q : What endpoints are supported for use by moderators and presenters when joining events?
A : The following endpoints are supported: 

  • Moderator - Can join events using the Events app, Chrome, or a paired room system
  • Presenter - Can join events using the Events app, Chrome, paired / un-paired room system, iOS, Android, or PSTN



Q: Will the Event platform be localised for all roles sometime in the future?
A: The portal itself will be localised to French, German, and Spanish within the coming months. However, all text fields (Title, Agenda, Chat, Q&A, Polling) support multiple alphabets. This means you can customise the experience yourselves to make it look native for the Attendees.