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BlueJeans Event Registration

Last Updated: December 13, 2018 // 11:26 AM

The following article reviews how to set up Attendee Registration in your BlueJeans Events. Click here for a short video on this topic.

Control events and require attendees to register using a generic or customizable form, effectively giving event organizers greater visibility into who is attending the event.

  1. When scheduling the event, click the "require registration" check box
  2. After event is created, expand the event box (under "upcoming events"), and click on the Manage Registration link
  3. In the Settings tab, choose if you want to:
    • auto approve (all registrants will be approved and sent a join link)
    • auto approve from specific domains, or
    • manually approve (only approved attendees will get an email with a join link.)
  4. Add fields to the registration form, if needed, and
  5. Check if you want notification alerts sent: 30 minutes, or, one day ahead
  6. Click the Invites tab:
    • copy the registration link and send from your calendar, or
    • paste the email addresses in the form
  7. Successful registrants will appear in the Manage Registrations tab
    • download a registration report of who has been approved or declined
    • and, you can change the status or a registrant by checking their name



What the Attendee will see:

  1. An invitation to Register arriving in your email,
  2. Entering your Name and Email and clicking "Register,"
  3. Seeing a pop-up confirmation that you are registered, and
  4. A second email arriving with the calendar invitation and a blue "Join Event" button you will click when ready to attend the event. (this link has registration code in the URL, documenting you have been "approved" to attend the event)