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BlueJeans Event instructions for Presenters

Last Updated: December 13, 2018 // 11:23 AM

Below are instructions for Presenters to join and interact in a BlueJeans Event (you can also watch our 2 minute training video or view the complete guide):

  • From your email invitation, click the Join Event button.
  • Choose to join from a computer, a room system, or dial in by phone.


  1. Use the menu icons in the right panel to:
    • Mute/unmute your microphone or camera. (Tip - keep your microphone muted when you are not speaking. You can hold down the space bar to open the mic, while it stays muted).
    • Exit the event or drop down to Attendee level.
    • View the roster of Presenters and Attendees. You will not be able to mute their mic or camera, only the Moderator(s), shown with blue bar, can mute other Presenters. (Tip - use Search to find a name).
    • Chat with all participants, or just with the Moderator (one-on-one).
    • Share your entire screen, select application e.g. Powerpoint, or play back uploaded videos*
    • Polling - vote in live surveys or quesionnaires
    • Answer questions that have been posted by Attendees. See *note below.
    • Change your microphone, camera or speaker source.
  2. When a screen is being shared, move the slider left to bring the video and shared content side by side
  3. Change the layout view of the speakers.

* note: Attendees that have been promoted to Presenter level cannot share their screen or answer questions.