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BlueJeans Event instructions for Moderator

Last Updated: November 16, 2018 // 5:07 PM
Below are instructions for Moderators to join and manage a BlueJeans Event. Alternatively, Click Here for our Training Video or here for our PDF Guide. For instructions on how to schedule the event, click here.
Coming into the Event:
  1. From your email invitation click the blue Join as Moderator button or the Start Event button in the Upcoming Events section in your web app. Moderators must have a BlueJeans account, and be logged in to manage the event. “Guest” moderators will need to have a BlueJeans account (in any enterprise group).
  2. You'll have two options to enter the event: join from a computer (using the BlueJeans app) or pair from a room system.


Moderator Dashboard:

  1. Start or stop (pause) the broadcast when you are ready for Attendees to join, and, start or stop (pause) the recording.
  2. Watch the presentation.
  3. Change the layout view of the speakers. Click expand to double the size of the video / watching screen share panel.
  4. Share Content: uploaded videos or your screen, e.g. powerpoint. (Tip - share your entire screen for flexible navigation).
  5. Chat with all participants, or just with individuals (one-on-one).
  6. Mute your camera or microphone.
  7. View the roster of Presenters and Attendees. Moderators are noted by star. You can mute any Presenter's mic or camera, change or reorder their name, and more.
  8. Answer questions that have been posted by Attendees. You have an option to approve the question before it's shown to the Attendees.
  9. Send Poll questions