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Interaction options for Event Attendees

Last Updated: December 13, 2018 // 11:27 AM

Attendees in a BlueJeans Event can interact four ways:

1. Chat

  • Click “Moderator Chat” to chat privately with the Moderator, or
  • Click “Event Chat” to chat with all participants in the event.


2. Q & A  -  Attendees submit questions for the Moderator and/or Presenters to answer.

  • Click the Q&A button.
  • Type out your Question.
  • Post your Question. Answers will be shown, after completion by a Moderator or Presenter    


3. Polls  -  If a Moderator posts a poll, the Attendees will be asked to cast their vote. Results will be tabulated, and can be shown to everyone (if the moderator wishes to publish). To learn more about polling, click here.



4. Promotion to Presenter level  -  Attendees will “raise their hand” if they want to interact live in the meeting (be able to speak and be seen):

  • Click the hand, the click Send Request to interact live (the Moderator will then review your request).
  • If approved, you'll receive a confirmation. Click Continue to be seamlessly “promoted” into the Presenter roster. You can now share your screen, speak, and be seen.