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How to Enable & Configure Recording

Last Updated: September 2, 2017 // 2:59 PM

Group Admins can control access to the Meeting Recording Feature for their entire group and individual users. By default, the Recording feature is enabled for the Enterprise Group and all individual users.

To change the Recording configuration for your group:

  1. Access your Admin Console and click Manage Features.
  2. Check the Meeting Recording checkbox to enable for your group.
  3. Set the default to enabled (or disabled, if that is your preference).
  4. Click link to apply this default to all users.
  5. Hover over the "count" numbers to see how many users in your group have the service enabled (green) and disabled (red).


To enable or disable Recording for an individual user:

  1. Access your Admin Console and choose Manage Users from the side menu.
  2. Search for the specific user to edit (John Smith, in this example) and click the Settings & Features tab.
  3. Check (or uncheck) "Meeting Recording," and Save your selection.


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