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Admin Guide to Office 365 Application Permissions

Last Updated: February 20, 2019 // 9:22 AM


BlueJeans apps require permission from Office 365 to sync with your calendar. The BlueJeans Desktop, iOS, Android, and Events App all need permissions to import BlueJeans meetings and events directly into the App’s home screen. This allows users to join their meetings and events quickly and easily right from the App. The BlueJeans O365 Add-in requires permission to allow users to schedule BlueJeans meetings directly from within Outlook.

Enterprise Admins can grant permissions for all of these clients by taking either of the following two approaches:

  1. Grant access on behalf of all users in the organization
  2. Enable Integrated Apps in the O365 admin portal


Method One - Granting Access on behalf of the Organization

Enterprise Admins can provide the per-application permission on behalf of the Organization. This action would not require further User Consent. As an Enterprise Admin, click on any (or all) URLs as per the BlueJeans application, the Admin Consent has to be provided, enter Admin Credentials, accept Permissions, and you're done!

BlueJeans Desktop App 2.11 and greater for Windows

BlueJeans Desktop App 2.11 and greater for Mac

BlueJeans O365 Add-In

BlueJeans iOS App

BlueJeans Android App

BlueJeans Events App


Method Two - Enabling Integrated Apps

The Integrated Apps feature is turned off by default in Office 365 and only Enterprise Admins can enable it. Once enabled, users will still be required to provide BlueJeans with consent before accessing their calendar.

  1. Log on to and navigate to Admin Center

  1. Under the Settings panel, click on Services & add-ins
  2. Click on Integrated Apps

  1. Flip the switch ON to enable Integrated Apps
  2. Click Save to keep your changes

Once Integrated Apps has been enabled, end users can authorize BlueJeans apps, such as iOS / Android mobile apps, to sync with their calendars. You can learn more about the Integrated Apps here.