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How to Download and Share Recordings

Last Updated: October 24, 2017 // 11:53 AM

How to Download your Recording

After recording a meeting, the recording will be processed and uploaded onto your BlueJeans Account. If you navigate to your Recordings menu, you will be able to download the mp4 file of the recording onto your system.

  • Looking to edit your recorded meetings? Check out our integration with Panopto!
  • With Enhanced Recording, click on the recording from your Recording History. You can choose to download the entire Recording or the individual chapters. If the chapters contained Screen or Video Share, then those segments can be downloaded separately
  • With Basic Recording, click on the recording from your Recording History and download the Chapter(s) using the download icon



How to Share your Recording

Enterprise Groups that are subscribed to the Enhanced Recording Feature can allow their users to share recordings using URLs rather then the direct file.

There are three possible Share Settings:

  • Private - The recording cannot be shared and if it was shared previously, the URL will be invalid.
  • Enterprise Access Only - The recording can be shared via URL, but requires a BlueJeans account login with the group to view.
  • Open Access - The recording can be shared via URL and is open to anyone to view; with or without a BlueJeans account.

To change the Share Setting of a recording, navigate to the Recording Menu and click on the Recording you want to share. Click on Sharing Menu to choose between one of the Share Settings that your Enterprise Group allows.

  • Once a new Share Setting has been chosen, a new URL will be created to share manually or via automated email.
  • Use the Download Checkbox to allow viewers to download the recording's mp4 file.