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BlueJeans Dolby Voice Rooms

Last Updated: October 18, 2018 // 9:49 AM

Introduction to BlueJeans Dolby Voice Rooms

The BlueJeans Rooms experience is now available on Dolby Voice Rooms. This powerful integration of solutions combines the high-end features of the Dolby Voice Room system with the power of the BlueJeans Enterprise Video Cloud. BlueJeans Rooms reimagines the user experience with an easy to use and streamlined in-room experience. Powerful IT management tools and support services make it easy for IT Teams to install, manage and monitor their BlueJeans Rooms across the company.

Setting up a BlueJeans Dolby Voice Room? Click Here to access our Admin Guide for step-by-step instructions.


Differences from the original BlueJeans Room experience

The newest generation of BlueJeans Rooms utilizes the three core hardware components of the Dolby Voice Room system: the Dolby Camera, HUB, and Conference Phone.

  • Dolby Camera
    • Automatically detect faces and frame active conversations with Intelligent Scene Framing.
    • Dynamically Adjust image contrast and brightness with HDR Video Mapping.
    • Share your physical in-room whiteboard with native Whiteboard Framing.
  • Dolby HUB
    • Custom OS with the BlueJeans service application built-in; no configuration required!
    • Supports screen share over HDMI.
    • Provides Power over Ethernet (PoE) for the Dolby Conference Phone
  • Dolby Conference Phone
    • Native support for BlueJeans with Dolby Voice
    • Superior audio quality and support for spatial audio
    • Supports up to two additional satellite microphones