Customizing your account and email invitations

Last Updated: January 19, 2018 // 4:43 PM

Enterprise Groups have the option to customize their BlueJeans experience, with features such as:

  • Customizing the dial-in phone numbers that appear in email invitations and meeting web app. This can be done at the Enterprise Group level (by the Admin) or the Account level (by the account user). For full instructions, click here.
  • Two other customizations, that can be done at the back-end by BlueJeans support, are:
    1. Replacing the BlueJeans logo with your own branding. Your custom logo will appear in:
      • Your BlueJeans account web pages,
      • Email invitations (created from the BJN web page. Outlook invites will not show logo).
      • Inside your meeting when joining from the BlueJeans App or Chrome WebRTC. At this time, participants joining from mobile apps and room systems will not see the custom logo.
      • Logo will also appear in your custom landing page (CLP), if you have one.
    2. Adding customized text to your meeting invitation emails (contact for instructions).

Logo and custom text:

  • Will only appear on emails when the BlueJeans web app is used to schedule. Logo and custom text will not appear when scheduled from Outlook Add In or Google Calendar.
  • Is available for a fee. To learn more, please contact your Blue Jeans Sales or Customer Success Manager. If you send us a logo to use, specifications are:
    • ​​Image Transparency: The image should have a transparent background.
    • Image Size: The image should not have a height of more than 50 pixels (and 200 pixels wide). We recommend 50 pixel height or less.
    • Image Data Size: Less than 1MB
    • Image Format: Portable Network Graphics (PNG)

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