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How to Customize your Dial-in Numbers

Last Updated: March 23, 2018 // 11:21 AM

Beginning January 2018, a new dial-in number customization format will be rolled out to select enterprise groups. Click here for instructions if you see this button in your Admin / Group Settings console:


The Dial-in Details

The default dial-in numbers seen on a meeting's email invitation are the numbers available for the United States and a link to view all of our international numbers. For easier international accessibility, Group Admins have the option to customize the dial-in numbers that appear on their group's invitations. The customization allows global group control over the available numbers, set default numbers for the group, and the option for individual users to choose their own numbers.


Customizing Dial-in Numbers for your Enterprise Group

Use the instructions listed below to customize the available dial-in numbers for your entire Enterprise Group (note, not available if your dial-in numbers are provided through a BlueJeans partner):

  1. Access your Admin Console from the website, select Group Settings, and scroll down until you see "PSTN Number Preferences".
  2. Click in the box to select a new number from the drop-down list and add it to your group.
    • Remember to "Save Changes" at the bottom of the page after you have finalized your list of new numbers.
    • To remove a number, click on the User-added image X icon next to its name.
  3. Enable or Disable additional Options:
    • If you want to give your individual users access to change their numbers, check the "Allow moderators to choose different default phone numbers" box.
    • If your user-base is in multiple locations, you will want to check the "Allow Overriding the default PSTN numbers based on geo-location" to make sure their users start with dial-in numbers relevant to their region; if available.
    • Check the "Add your own custom PSTN numbers" to add your own numbers! Large offices can create custom extensions for their users to auto-dial a BlueJeans number.


Customizing Dial-in Numbers for your Individual Account:

Use the instructions listed below to customize the available dial-in numbers for your personal account:

  1. Click on your Profile in the top, right-hand, corner and select Settings User-added image.
  2. Scroll to "PSTN Number Preferences" to see the dial-in options chosen by your group and click in the textbox to add your own.
  3. Make sure to Save Changes!


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