Command Center

Last Updated: April 21, 2017 // 3:11 PM

The BlueJeans Command Center is a service intelligence tool that offers real-time and historical data to IT organizations, including the ability to visualize, measure and manage their BlueJeans deployment. Instructions for Command Center are shown below, or, view the user guide, watch the training video, or check out Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions.

Command Center has two versions: Basic and Pro.

Basic Features:

  • Deployment Dashboard. See status, utilization, geographic distribution, and end-of-meeting quality survey results at-a-glance.
  • Historical Reports. Meeting, endpoint, and network metrics for every conference.
  • Instant Access. Powered by the BlueJeans cloud, you get deployment-wide reports with nothing to install, configure, or maintain
  • ROI (return on investment) dashboard that estimates reductions in carbon emissions and travel expenses. By estimating the distances and likely travel methods between meeting participants, the dashboard calculates the miles, carbon emissions, and travel costs saved by conducting these meetings over Blue Jeans

Pro Features:

  • Real-Time Meeting Metrics - Review metrics like host names, size, and recording status
  • Real-Time Endpoint Metrics - Monitor quality-of-experience metrics for every endpoint
  • Real-Time Network Metrics - Graph quality metrics like bitrate, jitter, and packet loss
  • Live Meeting Control - Become a remote moderator for any meeting in your group; Learn more here.
  • Data Export - Export metrics in CSV format for further analysis

Command Center Basic is available to all BlueJeans customers and is enabled for the primary Group Admin. Access to Command Center can be granted to any user by a Group Admin.

Use the instructions below to enable Command Center for a User:

  1. Access your Admin Console, select Manage Users from the side menu, and edit the specific user.
  2. From the Edit User menu click "Grant Command Center Access" to enable the user with Command Center.
  3. Optional - Enable additional configuration options for Command Center.
    • Privacy Settings will hide the names of meeting participants in Command Center; showing only the first three characters. In addition, access to the 'Users' report is removed.
    • Primetime Command Center allows for access to review Event data for their group; available for BlueJeans Primetime customers.
    • Live Meeting Control allows users with Command Center access to be a remote moderator for any live meeting in their group. Click Here to learn more.


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