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How to change your Email, Meeting ID and other Account Menu settings

Last Updated: October 24, 2017 // 12:53 PM

Need to change your email, meeting ID or other settings? Access your Account Menu (upper right corner), and:

  • Click Settings to change your:
    1. Moderator passcode
    • Click the My Meeting tab to change:
    1. Meeting ID,
    2. Meeting Title, or
    3. Participant passcode
    4. note: if you want to change your username, contact
  • Click Profile to change:
    1. "About Me" settings:
    • Name
    • Title
    • Company
    • Phone
    • email address
    1. Preferred Language (English, German, French or Spanish)
    2. Timezone (with option to set to 24 hour format)
    3. Accessibility
    4. Manage your Email Preferences (receiving product updates, etc.)


Please Note: If your company has integrated Single Sign-on (SSO) with BlueJeans, then information such as the Email Address cannot be changed from within the Account Menu. Please Contact Support to have your email address updated to match any changes made within your organization.