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Call Me

Last Updated: June 21, 2018 // 3:28 PM

APRIL 2018 UPDATE - This feature is available in our Desktop App 1.x and the newer Desktop App 2.x

Call Me is a premium desktop audio connection option that dials US-based phones into a BlueJeans meeting. It offers a convenient way to join a meeting from your telephone.

  • Coming into the meeting, click the blue "Phone and more options" bar at the bottom,
  • Click the Phone Audio option from the list,
  • From the Call Me tab:
    • Enter your phone number to be called (at this time, only US numbers accepted).
    • Press the green "Call Me Now" button and the BlueJeans bridge will call you.
    • Press 1 at the prompt to join the meeting.
  • After your phone is connected, click the green “Join Meeting” button to connect your computer to enable two way video in the meeting.


Desktop App 1.x Flow



Desktop App 2.x Flow






  • Is Call Me available in my area? Call Me is available for US-based Phones in Canada and the Continental US, with the exception of the follow states: Alaska, South Carolina, Michigan, and Nevada. If you do not see the Call Me option from your meetings, contact
  • Do I need to unlock my cell phone to receive a Call Me call? Yes. You need keypad access to press 1 and connect to the meeting.
  • What should I do if I enter a wrong number? Call Me lets you enter a new number at any time. This will end the previous connection and call the number.
  • What is the difference between Call Me and Call In? Meeting participants who choose phone audio can either call a BlueJeans number and enter the meeting ID (Call In), or enter a phone number to be called (Call Me). 
  • What numbers can be called? Call Me supports any direct-dial number in the United States. 
  • Can I enter a number with an extension? No. Call Me can only call direct number. 
  • What happens if I enter a number in a country other than the US? The Call Me dialog box does not accept country codes from other countries.
  • When will Call Me support numbers outside the US? BlueJeans plans to expand the availability of Call Me to other countries, but has not yet announced specific dates.
  • What happens after I enter a qualifying phone number? BlueJeans will call the number: No answer: The call will time out; Answer: The recipient will be prompted to press 1 to connect
  • Why do I need to press 1? Pressing 1 tells BlueJeans that you are ready to receive and send audio on your phone. If you answer but don’t press 1, the call will timeout and you won’t be connected to the meeting.
  • I’m traveling abroad. Can I use a VoIP number for Call Me? Yes, provided that your VoIP number has a US area code.
  • On my mobile device, should I use Call Me or the BlueJeans app? Call Me is simple, but limited. Use Call Me to conserve broadband data or when your data connection is unreliable, and when an audio-only experience is acceptable. The BlueJeans App gives you options. Use the BlueJeans App when broadband data is available. You can stay in audio-only mode, or opt to view and share content, participate in text chat, see the participant list, see participant video, and/or enable your camera. You can switch between video and audio-only modes whenever you wish.