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Broadcasting to Facebook Live

Last Updated: June 21, 2018 // 10:41 AM

JUNE 2018 UPDATE - This feature is available in our Desktop App 1.x and the newer Desktop App 2.x

BlueJeans for Facebook Live

Bring your interactive and large-scale broadcasting capabilities to Facebook Live! Companies, organizations and brands can broadcast their BlueJeans Meetings and Events to Facebook Live for their fans, friends, and follows to experience.

Admins enable (or disable) this service at the group level from the Manage Features tab in the Admin Console, and enable (or disable) for an individual account from the Manage Users tab.


Ready to Go Live!

When enabled with Facebook Live Integration, use the steps included below to broadcast your Meeting or Event to Facebook:

  1. As a Moderator, click the [Broadcast to Facebook Live] button to start the process.
    • In a Meeting, the broadcast button will be available:
      • on the right side menu in the Desktop App 1.x, or
      • under the Apps menu in the Desktop App 2.x (feature added June 15)
    • In an Event, check the Broadcast to Facebook Live checkbox after choosing to Broadcast your Event.


  1. Log into your Facebook Account using the pop-up.
    • If you are using the BlueJeans App, a window from your Default Web Browser will pop-up with the option to log into Facebook. Make sure pop-ups from that window are not blocked.
  2. Choose which Timeline you would like to post the Broadcast on.


  1. Enter in a Title for your Broadcast and assign any relevant Tags. Once you're ready, click the [Go Live] button.
    • You can change who can see the broadcast by adjusting the Privacy Settings. By default, it is set to [Public].


Please Note:

  • Facebook Pages protected under a Facebook Business Manager will be unable to broadcast to Facebook Live.
    • Removing the page from the Business Manager will allow access. Alternatively, post the feed on a non-Business Manager page and then share the feed on the desired page.
  • Scheduled Broadcasts through Facebook Live will be unable to detect the broadcast from BlueJeans onSocial.
  • Pop-up Blocker on Google Chrome can prevent the process. Click Here to learn more.