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BlueJeans for Slack

Last Updated: April 11, 2019 // 9:58 AM

How BlueJeans integrates with Slack

With BlueJeans for Slack, users can launch a video meeting from any Slack Channel or even within direct messages. As with every BlueJeans meeting, additional participants can join from any supported endpoint, including computers, mobile devices, phones, and video room systems. Slack Administrators can add the BlueJeans integration for their company from the Slack App Directory by Clicking Here.

Once the BlueJeans App has been integrated with your Slack Team, there are two options to join a BlueJeans meeting from Slack:

1. Use one of four "Slash" commands:

  • /bluejeans | Create a link to your account's Personal Meeting.
  • /bluejeans [meeting name] | Create an ad hoc meeting with a unique ID and chosen title.
  • /bluejeans | Sends the user an email invitation to your Personal Meeting. The invited user does not need to have a BlueJeans or Slack Account.
  • /bluejeans -disconnect | Desyncs your BlueJeans and Slack Account.

The first time a user inputs a BlueJeans command, they will be asked to log into their BlueJeans Account to perform the sync process. After signing in, you're good to go with BlueJeans for Slack! If your organization uses Signle Sign-on (SSO) with BlueJeans, then please Click Here for setup instructions.


2. Click the phone icon to make BlueJeans audio/video calls:

Slack also released the ability to make “Calls” from within their app. These have both audio and video calling capability (unless you’re on a mobile client which only has audio - more info from Slack here). In addition, Slack has enabled the ability to replace their “Calls” with BlueJeans. Once implemented this provides an alternative to using the slash command AND allows you to use their native call button to launch BlueJeans.

How do I use the Calls functionality with BlueJeans?

  1. Within a Slack direct message click on the phone icon
  2. This will place the “Join the Meeting…” link into the chat stream (it will use your BlueJeans Personal Meeting ID).
  3. As the “caller” your BlueJeans app is launched and you’re placed into the meeting.
  4. The “callee” needs to click on the “Join the Meeting” link and will be placed into the meeting.
  5. See each other, talk and enjoy!

Will this work in multi-party channel discussions?

Yes, the behavior isn’t limited to 1:1 DMs, and in fact is the same as above for multi-parties. The calling party is put into the BlueJeans meeting. Others in the channel will see the same “Join the Meeting” link and once they click will be put into the BlueJeans meeting.

Will this work on the Slack mobile client?

Yes and no. Slack doesn’t allow video calls from their mobile apps currently. Thus, if you initiate a “call” from the mobile Slack app it will default to the Slack calling functionality and be audio only. However, if you initiate the “call” from the Slack desktop app, the callee can click on the “Join the Meeting” link on their Slack mobile client and it will open up the BlueJeans app entering you into the meeting.

How can a BlueJeans customer implement this?

This functionality is configurable by the customer’s enterprise admin within Slack’s “Team Settings”.
The admin must first enable the BlueJeans application within Slack. Once that’s done, within “Team Settings”, the admin would click on Calls (scroll down to see it), check the box labeled “Enable calling in Slack, using:” and select BlueJeans. Once saved, it’s available for that Team (enterprise).

How do I disconnect my BlueJeans integration at an end user level from Slack?

Just type in the slash command: /bluejeans -disconnect
Additionally, the Slack admin in your company can remove the integration for all users.

Is there an additional cost to enable this functionality?


Will it work with the “free” version of Slack?


What is the limit of participants in a “call”?

Slack’s calling functionality is limited to 15 participants. For more information about Slack’s own call application click here.
BlueJeans as the default “call” app in Slack has no limitations beyond BlueJeans existing capacities.