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BlueJeans Relay

Last Updated: November 5, 2018 // 11:37 AM

What is Relay?

BlueJeans Relay is a software solution that integrates customer-premise components and applications with the Blue Jeans cloud. Relay, integrates calendar applications, conference room systems, and everyday tablet computers to make joining a BlueJeans meeting easy and automatic. With scheduled meetings displayed on the Relay Touch app, participants can touch to join meetings from most H.323- and SIP-based conference room system, with no need to dial, pair, or enter a meeting ID.


Relay Requirements

For an in-depth overview of the Relay service, along with system requirements (including a list of all supported endpoints), please see the Requirements for Relay data sheet and our Getting started with Relay guide for installation instructions.

Deploying Relay involves three core components:

  1. The Listener Service is an on-premise program which controls your Endpoints on your behalf. It connects to the Relay server.
  2. Your Endpoints will be provisioned in the Relay server with network and calendar information.
  3. Tablets in conference rooms will show meetings and allow single-tap joining with the Relay Touch app.
    • Click Here for more information on Relay Touch for iOS.

To start using Relay, you will need to have the service enabled for your Enterprise Group. Use the form at or speak with your Customer Success Manager to start the process.