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BlueJeans over MPLS

Last Updated: October 9, 2017 // 11:28 AM

BlueJeans enables customers to connect to its cloud service using two primary ways 1) Over the public internet, and, 2) Over private MPLS networks such as AT&T NetBond and Level 3 Cloud Connect.

This article focuses on the known issues involved with deploying BlueJeans over private MPLS networks:

  • When joining BlueJeans meetings using Skype for Business (Formerly called Lync) end point, traffic cannot be routed over MPLS. Customers can continue to send this traffic to BlueJeans over the public internet.
  • For room systems deployed with dual screens, content shared by remote meeting participants will be viewed on only one screen with participant video shown in a picture­-in­picture frame. Note that content shared by these room systems will continue to be shown on both screens. This limitation only applies when remote participants share content that is viewed by Room Systems with dual screens. Room systems with a single screen will not encounter this problem.
  • BlueJeans Events is currently not supported over MPLS.

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