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BlueJeans for HipChat

Last Updated: April 15, 2019 // 4:40 PM

How BlueJeans integrates with HipChat

With BlueJeans for HipChat, users can launch a video meeting from any HipChat room. As with every BlueJeans meeting, additional participants can join from any supported endpoint, including computers, mobile devices, phones, and video room systems. HipChat Administrators can add the BlueJeans integration to their group from the list of available add-ons here.



Instant Collaboration

Once the integration has been completed, the Action button will include a new "Meet now on BlueJeans" option in integrated rooms. Clicking this option will create a new one-time Meeting ID and automatically share the link in the HipChat Room. The first time a user clicks the button, they will be asked to log into their BlueJeans Account to perform the sync process.

The meet now process will create a new one-time meeting ID each time it is used and it will use the default settings on your account.