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Event Attendee Engagement

Last Updated: September 17, 2018 // 1:37 PM


The Attendee Engagement feature allows Event Organizers/Moderators to generate and share a stand-alone Engagement link. The link can be shared with attendees that are joining the event in-person. This feature allows Moderators to engage their local and remote attendees using a single platform. Attendees that are physically attending the event will use the Engagement link on their laptops or mobile devices to engage with the Q&A and Polling event features.


  • This feature requires that the Event Type is set to Public.
  • It is recommended, but not required to enable Q&A for your Event to get the most out of your Attendee Engagement experience.
  • Attendees can access the link at any time, but it will only allow engagement once the Event goes live.


Event Organizer / Moderator Instructions

As the Event Organizer, you can access the Attendee Engagement link once you've scheduled the event.

  1. From your Events Page, select your upcoming Public Event.
  2. Click the Attendee Engagement button
  3. Click the COPY button to copy the link and sample text to include in your invite.
    • Copy Preview: Use this link to ask questions and vote for polls during the "Q4 All-Hands" event,

Send out the copied text to your local attendees or include it in the email invitation.


Event Attendee Instructions

As a local Event Attendee, you can open the Attendee Engagement link on your laptop or mobile device to join the BlueJeans Event; no download required! Once the event goes live, you'll be able to post questions using the Q&A feature and vote in any active Polls.