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Auto Recording

Last Updated: March 6, 2019 // 2:18 PM

Automatically starting your recording session can be a helpful feature for your BlueJeans meetings.

  • This option comes with enhanced recording that is available for My Company customers.
  • Auto recording option can be enabled when scheduling a meeting, from the advanced meeting option (see screen shot below)
  • When the host starts a meeting, auto recording starts as soon as a first participant joins in.
  • Auto recording option is best for moderator less meetings. Recordings start independently of host connection type. Note: For manual recording, the host must connect from BlueJeans app or browser.
  • Auto recording can be manually controlled (stopped and started) any time in a meeting, if the host connects from a BlueJeans app or browser.
  • Auto recording will work even if the moderator (host) drops from the meeting and will continue till the meeting ends. In the case of moderator-less meeting, it will continue until the end of the meeting.